Established in 2009 Sunrise Steel Construction has been making leaps and bounds in growth and innovation over the past years and have spread its foot prints all across Gauteng completing numerous projects ranging from Steel Carports Pretoria, Steel huts Johannesburg, Palisade fence Johannesburg, just to mention a few. Backed by professional and experienced founders who worked tirelessly with diligence and integrity to insure the success the company, our main aim is to provide clients with quality and reliable services delivered on time at affordable prices. We seek to continue with value and quality workmanship, we conduct our business with respect to the customer. Perfection is our goal, Innovation is our strength.

Our Culture.

  • We deem it our mission to put ourselves in our customers' position while serving as reliable provider of knowledge-driven solutions in the course of construction, completion and usage.
  • We create and maintain a culture of quality, thus we live and thrive on quality and service, every time, all the time.
  • We are responsible, being determined and steadfast in fulfilling our share of social responsibilities and obligations.

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